New NFL Season is ALMOST Here

So… it’s less then a month away from the first game of the NFL season. It’s been a interesting off-season, the eagles literally traded there whole team… and it looks like it’s finally dying down for the worst play call in Superbowl History (I think we all know what I’m talking about). But the truth is, it was a great play as much as it was a bad call.

I personally can’t wait! The pre-season is almost here and we get to see the potential superstars and duds. Is anyone playing Fantasy Football this year? I personally can’t wait and CBS is one of the best sites for playing. If you are looking for a sleeper for this year, I would go with Blake Bortles as a backup QB. He has a great receiving core and just added Julius Thomas. A wide receiver I think will be a steal in the draft is Martavis Bryant. He said he has gained 20 pounds and is at a solid 4% body fat.

Todd Gurley is one of my favorite rookies to watch this year. I think he has unbelievable potential… the real question is, can he get on the field this year? They say he has a chance of playing after the first few games (a slim chance).

To end it all, football is supposed to be about having fun and enjoying one of the best sports ever. I hope everyone looks forward to the season like I do. Here is a video to have a few laughs before the season starts!