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Snoring causes

     Anti Snoring Devices

Most of us thought that snoring is a condition that does not affect ones health. However, according to a study conducted by John Hopkins University, severe snorers have shorter life expectancy and are hence more likely to die earlier than others in the same age group.

The study was conducted among 6,000 men and women in the age group of above forty years. The study included assessing the sleep patterns of the patients and after eight years, by the time the study was completed, 1047 of them had died. The study found that men in the age group of 40 to 70 with snoring condition are twice more likely to die compared to others.

Now, with this alarming study results, it is necessary that snorers take adequate measures to mitigate this condition. In this article, we will go through some of the common snoring causes and an effective remedy for all the same.

Sleeping on back

This sleeping posture is considered as one of the easiest way for a person to develop snoring and is among the common snoring causes. While sleeping in this position, a snorer has his airways blocked by his jaws and tongue. It is essential that these snorers change their sleeping position to their side or stomach in order to mitigate this trouble.

Drinking alcohol before sleep

When you take alcoholic drinks before your sleep, you develop smooth throat tissues. These smooth throat tissues expand during the sleep and thus obstruct free airflow. The air in turn puts pressure on the soft palate and causes it to vibrate. The vibration of the palate produces the snoring sound. It is therefore ideal to avoid alcohol three to four hours before you sleep.


Anti snoring mouthpiece

          Anti Snoring Solutions

Even though the snoring causes vary in different persons, SnoreDoc is considered as the most effective remedy. This anti snoring mouthpiece starts to work on the snorer, right from the initial days of use and mitigates the snoring condition.

The manufacturer of SnoreDoc has taken much care in designing this product and hence it remains free from side effects. High quality plastic materials are used to produce this miraculous mouthpiece and therefore, the snorer does not feel any discomfort during sleep.

Even though you will find similar mouth guards in the market, none of them is as effective as SnoreDoc. It is also to be noted that SnoreDoc is priced much lower than its competitors. Therefore, if the issues of snoring have started to give you sleepless nights, buy SnoreDoc today. Click here to place your order!

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