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Snore stop

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Snoring is a phenomenon that happens when you sleep, and it’s normally not a habit anyone is proud to admit they have. Though there are people who are able to get rid of the problem soon after spotting it, the majority of the population are ignorant of the ways to do this; in fact many people don’t even know what snoring really is, and how it happens.

Let’s see what happens during snoring, and to make this easy to understand, we’ll see what happens in a person’s body to cause them to snore.

The jaws

When you’re awake you can keep your mouth shut using your jaw muscles; you do this without being aware of it most of the time. But during sleep when the whole of your body relaxes, gravity takes over and your mouth falls open. This causes the air space in the mouth to decrease, and heavy breathing results frequently. When your breathing is heavy, it can cause the soft palate and the uvula to vibrate – essentially, you snore.

The throat

Your throat is not the passage for the food canal alone, there’s also the windpipe running through its length, into the lungs. This is why any pressure on the throat while you’re sleeping maximizes the chances of snoring. If there’s a lack of oxygen from what you get through your nose, you start breathing through the mouth, and then it’s just a short step to snoring.

The tongue

Imagine if your tongue got in the way of the air going in and out while you breathe at night. This makes it harder for you

mouth falls open

       snoring mouthpiece

to draw in air, and you breathe heavily, causing you to snore.

There’s a solution to the problem of snoring. You probably know of the countless snore stop remedies out there and many of these are debatably effective, but none as much as the SnoreDoc Stop Snoring Mouth guard. A leading snore stop product in the industry, it is recommended by sleep specialists and doctors alike. It can be molded at home for a customized and perfect fit, and you can even remold and use it for 4 to 6 months before it goes out of shape.

The thermoplastic technology used is adaptive and harmless, and the device induces mandibular advancement, facilitating free flow of air to the air passage. No other snore stop device performs even comparably well.  Order SnoreDoc today itself, and rid yourself of the snoring habit.

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